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analani handbag in black
analani handbag in black
analani handbag in black
analani handbag in black

Oak Leather

Analani Handbag

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The Analani is favoured for its quaint appearance and snug fit underneath the arm. It comes with a side pocket where you'll easily be able to store your phone or car keys. The side pocket is also sealed with a sturdy zip.

The material we use to create it is a hybrid of vegetable-tanned and chrome-tanned leather. Because leather is a natural material, colour variation and marks such as scars and scratches will often feature on our products. Every imperfection gives our handbags their unique rustic appearance.

Dimensions: 29cm × 10cm × 20cm

In the interest of slow fashion, we follow a made to order production schedule. We therefore ask our customers to please allow from 7 to 14 working days for any purchased items to be delivered.

If you have any additional queries, please visit our terms and conditions page or contact us directly. We also have a leather colour chart to assist you in selecting a colour option.