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surfer jersey
surfer jersey
surfer jersey

Oak Leather

Surfer Jersey

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Our hooded Surfer Jersey is 100% cotton and entirely made by hand. This jersey is perfect for winter and offers a super snug fit. It is only produced in small quantities so that we may uphold a spirit of slow fashion. This is also why we only have a small number of jerseys available. Please check the measurements below as a guideline in helping you choose which size will suit you best.

S: 52cm (neck to waist) 54cm (shoulder to wrist)
M: 54cm (neck to waist) 56cm (shoulder to wrist)
L: 56cm (neck to waist) 57cm (shoulder to wrist)

In the interest of slow fashion, we follow a made to order production schedule. We therefore ask our customers to please allow from 7 to 14 working days for any purchased items to be delivered.

If you have any additional queries, please visit our terms and conditions page or contact us directly.