Terms and Conditions

By visiting Oak Leather's website (herewith referred to as 'our', 'us', 'we', and 'the company'), you as the site visitor (herewith referred to as the 'customer', 'buyer' and 'client') agree to our terms of use, as well as our privacy policy. 


Every genuine leather item for sale on our website is made in South Africa. Every item is cut out by hand and sewn with sturdy wax thread by one of six people in our team. 

We follow a made to order production schedule and therefore ask clients to please allow between 7 and 14 working days between the date of purchase and the final delivery date. If there is a delay of any kind that will extend this waiting period further, we will contact the client to inform them directly.

We create our products using full-grain leather. The term 'full-grain' implies that the natural imperfections of the leather material hasn't been sanded or buffed out. Removing these imperfections also removes the original strength and durability of the material. This is why we choose to use full-grain leather. The imperfections also gives natural leather products their unique rustic appearance. All of our genuine leather items therefore often feature these natural imperfections of subtle scratches, scars, and colour variation.  

Please note that the colours of our genuine leather items may look slightly different across various computer or cellular telephone monitors and screens. Receiving a product that differs slightly in colour, size, shape or pattern to what was depicted upon your screen when you placed your order does not warrant the item as faulty. Please refer to our leather colour chart if you would like more clarity on the different colour options of our products. 

We take great care to ensure that all descriptions and prices of our products depicted on this website are as accurate as possible. It is possible for our website to contain certain errors, and we reserve the right to correct these errors at any stage. 

We prohibit the purchase of any of our products for commercial resale purposes from our online retail shop. You may not use our products for any illegal or unauthorised purpose. 


Unlike plastic, leather is a natural material that is susceptible to damage if not properly cared for. We advise clients to take these precautions with their genuine leather items:

  • Avoid letting your genuine leather product get into contact with water as this could cause unrepairable stain damage. 
  • Avoid rubbing your genuine leather item against certain light fabrics like light denim as this could potentially cause unrepairable stain damage.
  • Do not store your genuine leather item in dirty environments as this could damage the leather.
  • Please be mindful of the fact that the character of your genuine leather item will change as time goes by. Because it is a natural material, more subtle scars or scratches and colour variation may appear on your genuine leather item over time.
  • Handle your genuine leather item with care, especially if you use it everyday. In this way, you will ensure it remains intact for longer.
  • Do not overuse products such as dubbin to soften, condition, or waterproof your leather item. We recommend customers only use dubbin once the products starts to look a little worn or if the wax thread becomes dry. The use of dubbin is not absolutely necessary, but it could help revive your genuine leather item's character after a few years of use.    


We will happily repair your genuine leather item if a rivet, for example, has come loose or a strap or buckle has broken or become faulty. We charge a small fee on all of our repair services. Please contact us directly to enlist our repair services.

Disclaimer: We unfortunately do not repair genuine leather items purchased from other brands and will only offer clients repair services on our own items. 


Our online store's default currency is in South African Rands. We do not accept international orders. We may change the price of our items at any stage without prior notice. Our prices are therefore subject to change at any stage and will come into effect immediately. 

Any discount opportunities will be communicated to our clients via the website and our social media channels. Discount codes will be provided to use at checkout. 

Please see our shipping and returns policy for more information.


Payments for orders can be made via Visa or Mastercard credit cards, as well as electronic fund transfers (EFT) into our bank account. You will be able to select which payment option you prefer at the checkout page. We use Payfast, a trusted payment gateway, to conduct our transactions. Clients do not have to have an existing Payfast account to make use of the Payfast gateway.  


Please note that we collect your contact details and delivery address when you place an order. We use this personal information for the purpose of accepting your order, creating the item(s) you purchased and delivering it you. By placing an order and completing a transaction, you agree to share this information with us. We will use this information to fulfil our obligation to you and we will retain it for as long as necessary.