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photo of regular sheepskin
photo of regular sheepskin

Oak Leather

Regular Sheepskin

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Our collection of Regular Sheepskins are soft to the touch, whilst offering superior comfort. A sheepskin can double up as a decorative item in your bedroom, or as a cosy addition to your favourite sitting chair.

Because sheepskin is an organic material, its size often varies by a few centimetres. On average, our sheepskins fall within a range of 110cm by 80cm. The colour will also vary between white to off-white, cream, and beige. 

Washing Instructions: Sheepskin is a delicate material, and we therefore recommend that you wash it separately by hand in cold water so as to prevent colour bleeding from other clothing items. We also recommend that you let the sheepskin air-dry in the shade and not direct sunlight. Do not tumble dry or iron the sheepskin.

In the interest of slow fashion, we follow a made to order production schedule. We therefore ask our customers to please allow from 7 to 14 working days for any purchased items to be delivered.

If you have any additional queries, please visit our terms and conditions page or contact us directly.